Two things- isn’t it amazing I found this design today after posting about school supplies!

The other thing, does anyone else clean with baking soda? It’s amazing…and not poisonous!

9 thoughts on “Amazing

  1. Yes, I clean with baking soda all the time now. I use it along with vinegar. I found a website that said vinegar is a disinfectant so I have been using them together. Also since Catherine has been sick I put alcohol in a spray bottle and spray surfaces in the bathroom. Been doing this since I had cancer.

  2. VAL is amazing, isn’t she?? What we could learn from each other….good thing we have computers! I love the new design!

  3. Well, (I could say “weel” and sound like a Scot) I use it in teapots/cups and on the counter tops sometimes. Val’s got me beat, though. Hey and I love your new look, too. We’re kinda closer like this, aren’t we?!Rach (to go along with the other names!)

  4. Yes, I use it all the time too. It’s amazing what it does to the bath tub, I use it al over in the bathroom and the kitchen too. When I store coolers I always put a bit in there too and they don’t get that funny “woooo what’s that??” smell. The pool section of box stores sells large boxes of it .

  5. love these quilt designs by each comment. the time on my first comment says 8:23 pm and it’s not even 4:30 pm yet! whatever

  6. The quilt designs must come with the territory! I’ll remmber that about the cooler. Nick just let eggs rot in mine!!! :>(

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