School Supplies

I am still not over the urge to buy school supplies! I love school supplies.! I like colored pens and new pencils, mechanical especially, and stacks of ready to use unused paper. I used to buy a whole year’s supply at the beginning of the year plus a few extra for giving away. There’s alwaya at least one  chronic “I-don’t-have-any -paper” kid. A couple weeks ago I went to A.C. Moore and stocked up on things kids can do, like paint, stamps, markers, crayons……Ooooo it was fun. Last week when I went to Emily’s I took the Dover coloring books I have had since my kids were at the coloring age and Jacob and Mary Ellen got into it. So did I. I can do only one page at a time because they are so elaborate.

We got a new window put int our dining room. The old one had been boarded shut, so we put a shorter window in and put our air conditioner in the wall above it, so we don’t have to keep moving it in and out. It looks straight out to our back yard. I haven’t gotten pictures up yet, but I have most of the boxes cleaned up in the first two floors I can walk downstairs in the morning and feel like I am home, instead of camping out somewhere. I love my house. right along with school supplies. In other languages you get different words for different kinds of love. Obviously I don’t love school supplies like I love Joel and the End of Trade Show Season!

July is gone. My brain defries. Yay.


4 thoughts on “School Supplies

  1. Great to hear from you again! I love school supplies, too. Paper, pens varieties of each. And blank journals. When we were in Venice, Linnea and I LOVED all the paper stores. Ooooo, pretty, pretty stuff!!

  2. Oh if you want to go school supply shopping I am sure that I need to get something sometime before I go back to school. It would be nice to go with someone who is excited because I am not so much.

  3. I would also like to announce that by clicking on my name you can reach my new blog. I’ll probably blog more once I am finished with camp. We only have 3 days left!

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