For the second time….

For the second time inmy life I ahve unknowingly gotten into a good thing and then discovered I was eating whole cloves of garlic! Now while this may have great medicinal value, the breath factor is probably equivalent to smoking a cigar! The first time was when we were in Boston several years ago at a Perrennial symposium (the big, perennial broohaha) and Joel and I went to a pizza place in the mall our hotel was part of for supper. I was having this yummy pizza when I looked a little closer and thought “My, those llook like whole cloves of garlic!” Which they were. When we walked back to our hotel through the mall I just sorta lagged behind the others while I “window-shopped”, farting all the way! Today I went to Market and got this really great tortellini salad. Well, I discovered early on what I was eating and didn’t eat every one of them and, mercifully, I am home by myself getting my plain old work done so I can ease some breeze whenever the occasion calls for it! Have a gas, everybody!

2 thoughts on “For the second time….

  1. “have a gas” now I haven’t heard THAT expression in awhile. Now, couldn’t it also mean, have a great conversation? Like “have a great ‘blether'” as the Scots would say?

  2. You are so funny! I am sure the food was worth the gas afterwards! 🙂 We had paninis for dinner tonight. Luisa loved it.

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