I am Goldilocks

I didn’t dye my hair. We have been sleeping on crummy beds for the past 8 years and we got a new one right after we moved into our house. We actually threw the last one out. Took it to the dump. Then we went to Ikea and got simple frames, and mattresses that fit on slats, so there is no box spring. Yea! I knew someone ought to come up with something like this. I remember reading about ‘the old days’ when they strung up rope in a web and put their feather ticks on top of that. they had a ‘rope tightening’ tool to keep the bed from sagging.  Joel likes his side of the bed firmer than I do. so I got a ‘egg carton’ foam cushion for my side so it is just right … and that makes me Goldilocks.

On Monday I took  looooong walk. I walked 3 miles to my friend Terry’s house. That’s the first time I have walked that far in a loooong time. It felt really good. Then her husband told me about a different way, and I measured it yesterday, and it was only a mile and a half! I felt like I had walked through 3 or 4 towns before I got there!

I’ve been working on my desk this week. I haven’t cracked a Latin book since I quit teaching, but I think about it almost every day. I like sitting at a desk and working. I remember one day a friend calling me and mentioning he had been translating all day and I was so jealous. I was so caught up in the nitty grtty aspects of teaching I didn’t have time to translate on my own! So…. when I get that desk cleared, away I go! anyone want to join me???


One thought on “I am Goldilocks

  1. I want to walk to the Morton’s. I want to take walks with you mom. Oh, mother I don’t think you realize the change thats come over me. I’ve pretty much done all the jobs that Auntie Em thought up for me to do. I’ve been helping her out with meals. She and Uncle David are at school so I’m just here with the kids. Yesterday we spent all day coloring. I’ve been saving money by making myself a day planner, which costs 7-12 dollars. Ok I love you! I can’t wait to can tomatoes.

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