Neither Bored Nor Boring

GMail pops up all these links when you write, using words in the email for clues. For some reason, the ‘B’ word came up yesterday and I succumbed to an “Are you Boring?’  quiz. I don’t think I’m boring, but you never know what someone else is going to think! The questions were insipid, to say the least, but I came through with flying colors! To me, the best way to stay unbored is to to stay interested in most anything about you. I trotted off to market this morning (and worked up a dripping sweat hauling the goods on my 10 minute walk home) and found nasturtiums for sale. The only time Ihave these is if I plant them by seed. Ones started in agreenhouse get spindly. Since we moved to late to get even think about getting these babies going, I don’t have any. I love their unusual smell and their translucent colors. And they are good cuts as well. Mostly, they remind me of when I was a kid and always asking my mom for my own seed packet. Nasturtiums was one of them. I never planted vegetables! When I worked at camp the summer out of high school I bought dahlia seeds and planted them outside my cabin. They grew into great plants, but till they flower is quite some time. The director and his wife who lived there let me know that they put on a great show for them! For some reason, there is a call in me to “put something in” as soon as I get in a place and it’s warm enough to grow. Sorry, the camera is down. Later maybe.


3 thoughts on “Neither Bored Nor Boring

  1. I hope you know that you can eat nasturtium blossoms in a salad. They are spicy and interesting.

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