I wrote this a week ago. Our computwer is in the reapir shop, as is our car, so I am at the library…. not too bad for city life!


Yesterday I was cleaning in the attic. I have wanted to do that for a long time. It is really a cool room with dormers at both ends and a beautiful view of the hills south of Lancaster on a SW view. I imagine toys and extra beds up there for all the “little people” coming to visit me! So far, it is the place to go with things I can’t think what else to do with. I suppose every house has one, but I really don’t want one! I found my hangers! I found Luisa’s yarn. And I found Dad’s old slides. That is where I just got jolly stuck! I also have the little ‘view finder’, a hand held thing you put a slide in and hold up to the light. I found Sam’s list of books he read in the 4th grade, all 33 of them. Yes, there were chunks of Narnia and Great Brain, but he was in the 4th grade. Then he started writing down the number of pages and moves into 300-400 pages. Speaking of Narnia, the Stovers loaned us an audio book of the Chronicles that we listened to on our trip south with Luisa. It is really good! We just finished listening to the Silver Chair, which I think is the most profound of them all. I also find it frustrating as they bicker, go into this dark Underworld, and generally mess things up. Then there are these stellar lines like “Aslan’s instructions always  work.” And they are probably stellar because of all the aforementioned goings on.

  While at Covenant, I picked up no less than 6 James Ward CD’s. I also have Claudia Peters’ cell phone, if anyone wants it. She works in the book store at Covenant. I also met the Great JW as I wanted a particular CD and they didn’t have it in the store. So CP made a quick call and we ‘dropped in’ to pick it up! I had bought most of them before, but they were either tapes we wore out or CD’s we had given away. Plus, I bought his very first recording which is with a group. There were songs on there I don’t think I have heard since I was a teenager, and I remembered most of them! It is an old recording and dated in some ways, but the voices are  wonderful …and young ! and now I understand the songs much better. I didn’t understand Gospel back then and now I have a much better feel for it. It is really fun to listen to. we had dinner with CLaudia Pters and the Gienapps at the G’s and a really great visit with Beth Lear Rogers who is gutting her house and redoing it. she actually pulls out the old plaster herself!

  I checked out the ‘local’ grocery store, the one where they say ‘gracias’ when you check out. My neighbor keeps telling me they are expensive, but I think it is pretty much like everywhere else. Everyone has their good buys and their bad buys. I found Yardley English lavender soap. I used to always use it, but I thought they went out of business. I got two bars for under 3 bucks. Lovely stuff.

  After we got back we went to Philadelphia to take ailing computer to guru son-in-law. On the way, our car broke down. We had stopped at the Valley Forge rest area on the Turnpike and then we couldn’t put it in reverse. So that is in the hospital, too. We called our regular car repairman for a number for a towing service. It turned out to be a guy who lives a block over from us and he often tows for another guy who lives next to us and works on cars in the evenings. There is a skinny alley next to us and he squeezes that loaded tow truck through it with nary a mishap. I should be back on wheels by Thursday.

  I could discover that I can go back to sleep now!


P.S. today

I finished the attic. It looks great. Sam is home from Italia. It’s a beautiful day. Hope jnettie feels better!


One thought on “Discoveries

  1. This is a fantastic blog! So many things I want to comment about. I LOVE The Silver Chair. We had some of those on tape when we lived in Italy (Narnia books, that is). The Silver Chair has so many good lines. And the JW CD’s, lucky you! I’d love to hear that first one again. “So His Honor” was always my favorite, I think it was the last one on the record. Isn’t “O Father” on that one, too? I remember sitting in Belz’s living room listening to it the spring before I graduated. Glad Sam’s home, too!

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