Binns Park

I’m sorry for all of you who came to check my blog today and found nothing! I have a squeaky keyboard at the library.  and a half hour to write!  Come back and visit me again!

My latest discovery has been the fountain at Binns Park.  I have been past this place several times, but missed the fountain. It is about 12 feet in diameter and has holes level with the ground for the water to shoot thropugh. It is very cleverly choreographed so you feel constant entertainment. It makes me want to know who put it together. One day I walked to the post office in my flip flops (formerly known as ‘thongs’– I always want to say that when i say ‘flip flops’!)  and my feet were burning. I was pretty sure the fountain was around the corner , so I went and stuck my feet in it. the next time Katarina was up, we took her and was she fun to watch. I got her started a little and she went off the ‘deep end’ playing in that water. Then a couple days ago I just stopped by and watched 2 little kids, one probably a 4 yr old boy and his little sister. He had great fun putting his face right where he would get shot in the face. After a while his timid little sister tries it and when she gets smacked, she screamed and ran for mama! I thought I could sit there all day and just people watch. but I made myself useful and painted my entryway, stairway and upstairs hallway. It’s a golden sand color. a little more neutral than my yellow , but, oh, so much warmer than flat-white-realtor-ready paint! Sorry, I didn’t read who the Binns are.

Then i looked at my bookshelvesa and thought, “Have I read all these books? Do I have them for some reason?” So I started down the line and came to one about Osceola, a Seminole Indian. My mother-in-law lived in Semilnole Fl.  The Seminoles were basically told to clear out of FL. They had to sell their cattle -to the people making them clear out- and get on a ship for Oklahoma. O’s wife was a Negro/ Indian mix and someone watned to drag her back into slavery and that put the fuel to the fire. O did lose his wife and startd a war that lasted for years. It is not unlike the William Wallace story, where there is a lot of valiant fighting, and it is only betrayal that captures him. The story is written by the great great granddaughter of a doctor who cared for him the last weeks of his life. Another Indian takes the lead and keeps the fight on after O is captured, but is eventually defeated and put on a boat. He hears cannon and asks what that was for and no one wanted to tell him it was for July 4th, Independence Day. The Seminoles never signed a treaty. About 150 were left in FL, and they have never had to stay on a reservation or other things that most Indians in america are obligated to do. The next day i watched “The Rosa Parks Story’.  and I learned things there, too. I always thought she just got tired of sitting in the back and sat in the front, but she was actually sitiing in the ‘colored’ section and the white section filled up. So the bus driver was making the black people give up their seats and she wouldn’t. So he moved the ‘colored’ sign in back of her and went and called the police. After 9/11 I began to notice how a single event can explode into conflict and this is no exception. I could make a list, but you can probably come up with your own. Then Saturday Joel and were looking for a movie and I said “No ethnic movies!” But we saw Kite Runner and I didn’t really know what it was about but had heard it recommended. It is an Afghani story and it is sad, but it has a happy ending. We befriended an Afghani family who left after the the Russians invaded A, so it was interesting to watch the contemporary events. we went to Friendly’s to absorb it afterward. I knew I couldn’t go right to bed! I was thinking how can God bear all this grief that comes up to Him? What keeps him from just clearing the table? And I thought, that is why we need to praise Him, so that is going up as well. So we , art least somebody, remembers who He is and He is in control. But there just is a tremendous amount of grief in the world.

The girl next to me is reading her IMs out loud. My grief.

I had lunch on the at a sidewalk cafe’ with friends today. I love going out for lunch. I’d do it every day if I could afford to. Then I went to Barnes and Noble and got a recording of ‘Libera’. And what I was going to tell Lu, or anyone else who is interested, see if you can download their ‘…. oh shoot, I lost it, something  with ‘solemnis’ in it, not ‘missa’. It’s Beethoven’s 7th

Gotta run, or I’ll turn into a pumpkin which is the old way of saying ‘ The computer will automatically log me off and the parking meter will expire’. I’ve seen those parking attendants! I watched one from my front room while I was in my jammies. I just wasn’t bravve enought to run out there and save myself!


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