My Mantra

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O dear Lord, three things I pray…

To see Thee more clearly

Love Thee more dearly

Follow Thee more nearly

Day by day.

I know we hear the ‘Godspell’ tune to that in our heads, and I like that tune, but I have actually found it in an Episcopal hymnal that predates ‘Godspell’. It’s what was in my head when I woke up this morning.

So here I am at 50 years. I am typing in the semi-darkness of my bedroom because it is cozier then sitting at the PC, but it means I have to muster up all the typing skills I have, for which no one would hire me. At least I know I am close, but a near miss is as good as a miss! I used to think that turning 30 was beyond comprehension. Then I turned 30! I figured the rest would come rolling right along without my fussing about it, so here I am. Joel snuck in flowers sometime between 10 last night and 6 this morning. He sent me down to get him a bowl of cereal and there was a beautiful pink cyclamen and a bouquet of flowers waiting for me. He spoils me. The sky is beautiful this morning. It’s always a beautiful fall day on my birthday! We went over to some friends for supper on Sat. evening and they said if they could, they would have fireworks for my special day and, lo and behold, we got fireworks! It was the 275th anniversary of their town and they were celebrating. In fact, I had said “Well we usually get fireworks for our anniversary (July 2nd) but we had yet to get them for a birthday!” I have been begging for a massage table and my sweetie got it for me. I have had a web site posted on the computer for months. He asked me if I was sure I wanted it and I told him it was the gift that would keep on giving! He has a couple more vacation days that he is taking this week. Nothing like having straggling vacation days to use up before the year expires!

We knew we probably had a few roof problems when we moved into the house and we had a ‘little’ leak in the bathroom ceiling. A couple Saturdays ago we had torrential rains and Joel kept wondering how long that ceiling was going to hold. So he went and got a ladder and pushed a little and the water came pouring out! So he got a trash can and started pulling it down to see where the water was coming from. It was only ¼ inch paneling with some textured plaster smacked on it. No insulation at all. There was a squirrel’s nest that squirrels will not return to. They had even chewed the insulation off the wiring. I looked at that and said ”Does this make you feel that God is watching over us?” Then practically every day, Joel would poke his head up there to look around. The joists are heavy and solid! And there isn’t water damage to the wood. He thinks he can crawl around up there with insulation. I am not so sure he hasn’t crawled around up there already! He thinks it’s so cool up there if a friend drops by he takes them up there to show it off! So he got to work Saturday to fix the roof. He gets all his stuff lined up and climbs out there and I am thinking he has learned so much from all the odd jobs he has had to do. I was watching him out the window and he says, “I have Dave Malone to thank for this.” And I agreed. Then he follows it with, “Not that I learned how to do this, but to think I can climb up here and do this!” We’ll see what happens when it rains! I said not very long ago that I was done with old charming houses. I could use a plain house with a little more efficiency. And what do we do? We get another charming old house! And we love it!

Does anyone read Andy Rooney’s editorials? I always read them out loud when we come home from our Sat AM paper route. He can write a good while about nothing! Last week he said his articles ran between 700-800 words, not that he counts words! So since that is where I am (I checked), maybe I will crawl out of bed and do something worthwhile, like check my email and see if there is anything funny waiting for me. I get a big kick out of old age cards! I always read them and laugh and laugh, and then buy a pretty one for my mother-in-law! She assured me she prefers pretty! Adios amigos et sorores!

p.s. In lieu of ‘blog’ pictures I am posting a few in my flickr

psps. It has taken me all day to get it from the laptop to the PC. Sorry. hopefully I can find the card reader for my pictures!


2 thoughts on “My Mantra

  1. I think you ought to print out your blogs and save them into a book. I love the way you write. Email me your phone number again. I called the old one yesterday and of course it didn’t work.
    I kept meaning to call on Wednesday and always thought of it when I was in the middle of something like pulling laundry out of the washing machine. But as soon as I got a job done, it went out of my head! Wednesdays I leave here at 4:30 and don’t get home until late. I scanned a fun photo I will send you.

  2. ooooo massage table? Have I told you about all the knots I can feel in my back? Have I also told you I’m coming home in a couple weeks?

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