On Being Black

Like I would know.  What I do know is that I don’t have issues because I am white.  Yesterday when Joel and I went to vote we were the only white people in line, an unusual incident, unlike if we were black. My neighborhood is actually pretty mixed. maybe some voted for BO because they never had been able to vote for a black man before. I have never burst into tears becasue the man who was elected was white. I never call other white people ‘brother’ or ‘sister’, Can I blame a woman who beaten on the bridge in Selma, AL in 1965 on Bloody Sunday if she voted for BO because he was black?? No! I wasn’t going to watch any TV till this morning, but the cars started honking between 11-11:30, so I got up and turned on the TV and watched the victory speech. I had missed McCain’s concession speech, but I’ve heard snippets and have heard nothing but compliments concerning it.  I loved watching the shining faces and the tears on people in Chicago. I wondered if Will was there. Jesse Jackson was all torn up! The honking actually stopped during the speech and started right up again after it was over. Not the best night for sleep. I also watched the evening news and the beginning of election returns. I saw Celeste swing Kentucky for McCain!

One thought on “On Being Black

  1. Will was hard at work in his own territory until the last minute! No rest for the wicked, ya know! ha! It was quiet in our neighborhood. Linnea said there was lots of noise in Col’a too. It was hard to hold back the tears when one looked at all the wet faces in the crowd. Even Roland Martin on CNN was crying on the set.

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