One More Thing

I meant to write this in my last post. After watching and reading about so many countries where elections wreak havoc, I was hoping and praying throughout the day that we would be a beacon to the world with a peaceful election. In what country does the opposition president congratulate the newly elected one, or the defeated opponent promise his support, and people chat with each other as they wait in line?  We do live in a great land. Don’t tell me about too many commas. I like them.


3 thoughts on “One More Thing

  1. That’s one thing I prayed that the election would be clear cut, early, and peaceful. How good and gracious God is to us and to our country! Another 2000 election would have broken us. And I like commas, too!

  2. I was thinking as I stood in line at the crack of dawn yesterday how much fun I have talking to my neighbors while I stand in line during elections. I probably agreed with one of them politically…if that many, yet there was kindness and peace among us. One lady had foot surgery last Saturday and people gave her a chair to sit in. One young girl asked me about what was involved in voting if you weren’t familiar with everything on the ballot…she was about 20 and it was her first time to vote. Another man and I discussed how in Iraq and Afghanistan they danced and celebrated when they got to vote. God has given us much freedom here. I heard an old black lady talk about how she couldn’t believe who she could vote for. Having grown up in Alabama in the 60’s and living here where racial division is often palpable, I could barely believe our freedom.

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