The Problem Pregnancy

This is my thoughts that started forming from having conversations with our “young ones.” It is certainly not meant to point fingers or bash anyone, Just let me finish my thoughts, Over the past couple of years we have had a rash of people of various close relationships to us facing the problem pregnancy,,,, not the health kind, but the unwed kind. Young women who were raised in families who always taught that sex was for marriage, and they know that and agree with that, but there it is. As we were talking, I thought of all the sins we might commit, this one gets to be worn right out in front for months by only half of the guilty party. In fact, the guy can totally disappear if he chooses to. Why is this such a big deal. I would be hard put to explain that completely, because I think it is more complicated than we often think. I think it has to do with how we view marriage in the first place. Tim Keller takes note that the Bible begins with a marriage and ends with a marriage. God uses marriage as a picture of his relationship to his people, so I think it does not pay to be  flip. I don’t think ‘cheating on marriage’ is the same as cheating on a test. Marriage protects not only the child, but the worth of the woman. Some people say that sin is sin and has the same effect, separating us from God, no matter what it is we’ve done. It reminds me of a family I knew long ago who said that you are just as guilty when you think something as when you say it, so you might as well say it. Well, the level of guilt may be argued till the cows come home (that means all day), but when you implicate other people into your actions the effects can be  far more reaching than if you just kept your mouth shut (or your pants on).

In the midst of this I watched the latest ‘Jesus’ movie, the nativity one, I forget the name, and the biggest impression I got was how Jesus first identifies with the unwed mother, for that is what Mary was, She got the looks, the dismay, felt the heartbreak and disappointment from others. Can you imagine how parents respond to a girl saying, “But I am a special case!” It took a visit from an angel to convince Joseph! The community can’t abide it, and she goes to spend several months with Elizabeth, who really understands. When she gives birth , She and Joseph are completely on their own, never having done this before, in a strange place and in a barn. On top of that, they don’t get to go back to the comforts of home, they go to Egypt. Do you suppose the community and settled in and accepted it by the time they came back? Well, Jesus is quoted later as saying a prophet is not without honor except in his own town.

By calling sex outside of marriage a sin, we do not exonerate ourselves of our own sins. ‘Exonerate’ literally means ‘ shove off the burden’! It’s understanding that it is sin, that it is something that divides us. It changes us, and yes, it can mold us. It’s sad when a baby is involved because they are innocent of these actions, yet they are the consequence. The happy ending to this story is that all the babies aforementioned are in loving homes, most of them married.  For one, that was impossible. But maybe, like Joseph, someone else will come along to love and father the child.

Well, I gotta run….. in my stocking!


2 thoughts on “The Problem Pregnancy

  1. When I watched that Nativity Story last December, that’s what struck me too. We don’t think about her parents’ reaction, Joseph’s reaction or that of the village. In a way, how humiliating for Mary. Would you want that for yourself? Remembering, rather thinking of that, adds a whole new dimension. We’ve discussed this “pregnant before marriage” thing around here, too. I’m not sure that “having to get married” is the right answer.

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