Listening in

One of my favorite things to do is to go to Barnes and Noble and listen to CDs on the headphones. I am in another world. It is my own little concert hall. Wel,, move over B&N, here comes YouTube! I seem a little stuck on women’s voices. As I listened to this I thought, with a little practice and some coaching, my sisters and I could do this. maybe not the whole big splash, but maybe the quality of music. A really good coach can reach down and pull things out you didn’t realize were there and tell you about your nasty habits. Mrs. Brimmer taught me to record myself. I thought it was like standing in front of a mirror naked! Then she’d say, “The tape never lies!” hmmmmm….. dare we dream?


3 thoughts on “Listening in

  1. Oh, please, just not O Holy Night! Are these those Irish girls? I’ve watched them on PBS and loved it. Of course, the scenery is great too.
    DVD is on the way!

  2. My mother-in-law loves these girls. I have seen them on PBS, too. My girls were making fun of them one time when we saw them…hmmm which girl do you want to be! Remember when we were little and we would look at magazines and say “I’m her!”

  3. Yes, they are “the Irish Girls”. I think they could sing anything and it would be beautiful. I think their harmony is stunning even with different kinds of voices, their expressions are pleasant and their dresses are gorgeous!

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