Let’s hear it for the Men!

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If you asked me who my favorite singer is, “Bryn Terfel” would fly straight out of my mouth. I always think that Dad’s voice had the same quality. It’s the Brit in him. The Welsh take it away for singing, the English fior melody, the Irish for motion or making you want to dance and the Scots for the poetry. What more can you ask for? I gave Dad a Bryn Terfel CD several years ago and I remember lisyening to it with him and chewing it over while Mom kept walking through the living room repeating. “Everyone’s going to bed!” We let it go over our heads like water over a duck’s back and I am so glad because it had been a long time since I had been able to have a conversation like that with Dad and it was last one.

When people say they like this singer or that singer, I am sorry, but my standards for men are Bryn Terfel and Luciano Pavarotti. I am sorry I am so hard on all the others because there are lot of wonderful singers out there that aren’t this caliber! Myself included! One time I taped a man singing ‘Old Man River’ off the radio. He was a black college professor of voice. Dad listened to it and said, “He hasn’t got any expression!” And from the sofa where he was laid up with his broken ankle, he just took off with that song! He was right. He wouldn’t be able to fault BT for no expression! I am sorry the video music is slightly off with the words. I am going to go check out the video he does with Andrea Bocelli. If LP were younger, he would be the better match. They are both vivid. I call it ‘presence’. What I mean is that they could be anywhere in the room and it would fell like it was right in your ear. But I am sure that Andrea does a nice job.

Bryn Terfewl make me positively swoony.


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