The other Duet

I thought you might worry I’m slacking off on the music. Of all ther versions I listened to of this , this was the best. You can sleep on this and wake up with it,too.

drool away

3 thoughts on “The other Duet

  1. drool, weep, whatever….that was beautiful. I think I am a little hormonal today. Beautiful music is such a wonderful gift from God. Thanks for sharing that. Then I had to go listen to Andrea B. which led to J. Groban….soaking it all in this morning

  2. So who’s singing with Andrea? And what is it they’re singing?
    We have XM radio in our car and they play the most beautiful Christmas music, “Holiday Pops” is the station. But it’s not really what I’d call “Pops”. Yesterday I heard, “O Divine Redeemer”. Fantastic, I haven’t heard that since high school. Another day I heard, “Jesus, Savior” another that I haven’t heard for 35 years.

  3. Ahhh. That was loverly. While you are stalking through youtube, hunting down music vids, I’m in youtube on the search for this kind of stuff:

    Literally, AWEsome. All to the glory of God.

    Speaking of things that draw tears of joy (that’s what this is all about, right?) – I lamented the other day that so many people don’t stop for even 3 minutes to enjoy great beauty. I was at costco for groceries around 4:30pm, and the sunset was awesome, stretching across the entire south-western horizon, with just the right proportion of long, low clouds to clear sky. Neon peachypink, magenta, plum, golden sprays … all transforming from glory to glory. *That* kind of sunset, you know?

    So I parked the car, and couldn’t move to go inside until the show had ended. But all the while, ppl around me were busy with carts, pumping gas, hauling kids in and out of vans, eyes down. I fought an urge to roll down the window and call out, “Hey! Look at that – it’s beautiful!” Instead, I lamented for their loss, and the joy that they traded for the hurry scurry of life.

    Then, I spotted across the parking lot a kindred soul. A middle-aged guy in a jeep wrangler pulled slowly to a lonely corner of the lot, parked facing southwest, and sat there … looking up. It was a comfort to know I wasn’t alone.

    So, thanks for sharing your music, Melinda. 🙂

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