O Tannenbaum

I got a little behind here because my camera took the opportunity to let the battery die!!im0007691


4 thoughts on “O Tannenbaum

  1. Cute! We got our tree yesterday. But haven’t even put lights on it yet. 😦 But at least it’s put-up. That’s an improvement over last year, when it took us almost a week to actually put it up. We’re such loser-tree-owners.

  2. I love that tree! We’ve only had a real tree one year. And that was such a DISASTER no one ever wanted to do it again. Guess that’s what happens when one grows up in Europe where one doesn’t get real trees. No one around here CARES!
    But I would like a real one..with the good smell..and the lovely branches.

  3. In our deepest poverty we thought , “What must we have to feel like it is Christmas?” I said a tree. Joel said a poinsettia. I actually picked out the point this year and I think I did pretty good. I think in Germany they get real trees. Nick had one half the size of his living room! Our first tree Joel did the manly thing and went out to the woods behind the greenhouses and cut a tree, dragged it home and it had branches only on one side of the tree!! Smart man that he is, he is not a good tree picker! One time when I didn’t feel very good I told him to take Lu along and listen to her and they came home with a good tree! And sometimes it takes us a week to decorate it. We cut this one down while it was snowing on Saturday and then we got hot chocolate (free!) in the shop!

  4. I love it when it snows when you are Christmas tree shopping! How perfect…with hot chocolate! It’s a lovely tree. Come see us and get your Christmas present!

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