Post Script

This font is called “Penguin Attack”. :>) Are you feeling attacked? Tonight Joel and I were riding along in the car and I said, “ I haven’t been able to find my CD case with all my favorite CD’s in them.” And he says, “Isn’t it in the glove box?” Well, that was easy. Now I can’t find my two favorite Christmas books and I know I had them a few weeks ago. Makes me a little sick because some of my treasures are in there. I also have found satellite radio so I am not entirely dependent on my meager CD collection of Christmas music, what comes of having started to collect when records were the only thing to collect. I found some used CD’s on the Amazon of things I had in other media.

I think you haven’t truly lived in a house until you have had Christmas in it. I am having fun making this place home. Don’t want to put too many pictures up and spoil it for Luisa! Looking forward to you coming home!

Happy Birthday Em! I got a really great card for you ages ago. This always happens. I’ll get it right in the mail!

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