Today’s music

Boy, I get so sick of stupid Christmas songs! I think that Joel and I would vote “Santa Baby” as the stupidest. And we only hear it in the stores!!

So here is one of my very favorites composed by John Rutter and anything Rutter is a favorite of mine.

I can’t seem to copy and paste the words in here, but they are easy to google. It’s a poem by Robert Herrick.


6 thoughts on “Today’s music

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Santa baby, but I do love John Rutter music. Thanks for posting this. And I’m a really big sucker for lovely high school choirs. It can choke me up to see those young boys and girls singing so beautifully!!!!

  2. I think St. Olaf is “college”. I think they do a yearly program that is broadcast somewhere , at least in the Midwest. I do like seeing those young men esp. enjoy singing such a pretty song.

  3. Katelyn sang something by Rutter when she was in the Kennett Symphony Childrens chorus. It was one of my favorites!

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