December 19th

This morning Luisa and I lollligagged, reading Christmas stories in bed and then we had omelettes. It was delightful, I haven’t had anyone to read to for a long time. I really like reading out loud. I read the one about the boy who wanted a pony and nothing but a pony for Christmas, The Gift of the Magi and   A Pint of Judgment, about a little girl who heard her mother said what she wanted most for Christmas was a quart of judgment, even a pint would do, The little girl asks her uncle lawyer what ‘judgment ‘ was and he told her it was ‘common sense’ and what the little girl heard was ‘common cents’, so her pre-Christmas days were consumed in accumulating pennies and no one could figure out waht she was doing. Then on her package she said to “Shake well before opening” and the pennies went a -flying! I think I identify with this little girl!n146900032_30511397_4859

I stole a picture from her facebook. :>)


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