January Purge

I’ve got the timer going at 10 minutes. Sometimes I sit here and read and then I am too tired to write. I did happen to read Sperlonga’s and this could be the title of hers!  I hate this tiny font! When we were living at Cono, Mrs. Belz wrote an article for the bulletin titled ‘January Purge’. we went around grinning at each other because we knew exactly what she was talking about! No more Frivolity! November and December were full of it and now Pristine sounds Romantic!

I was picking up stuff put of a corner (I have my suspicions about how it got there!) and found a folder containing lessons I did for my Sunday School class on part of the book of Acts. I never finished. partly because I began to have computer crashes and didn’t get the programs I was using restored and it would take so much work to get it all back together  we went back to the pre-packaged stuff. But I really liked doing that and often thought I would finish. Lately I have been thinking that I need some goals for some creativity inside me before I make somebody mad! After all, “Life is more than housework’ is in the Bible somewhere! After teaching I was pretty drained and moving didn’t help, but I am at the point that I can move on. Another goal is to develop 10 new solos and have them at the ready! That is probably the hardest. I am not going to use the hymnal! That doesn’t mean I am not going to use those wonderful texts, but it is not very stretching to open a hymnal and sing and I want something that stretches me a bit.

Okay there goes my ten minutes!


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