Piano Banter

Val and I have been passing piano videos. This one has a little story. When I first started teaching at Dayspring, I had a rowdy 6th grade class. they got worse as they got older. By the time they got to 8th grade there was one boy who never did his ho,ework, didn’t pay attention, and ws always blowing his nose! I am sure he had allergies, but he spent most of his time in class getting up to get a kleenex and blowing his nose. He wouldn’t have thought to bring a box! One day it was the end of the day class and they had finished. I shared a classroom with the music teacher , and this pathetic kid went and sat down to the piano and played this. It was the only time they were all quiet and focused on the same thing! It was a wonderful moment. I was glad I got to see this side of him.


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