‘Tydi a Roddaist’

‘Twas Thou who gave to the dawn its hues and to the sunset magic;

’twas thou who composed the song and scent

of springtime in the hedgerow

Oh! save us from losing that magic

which this day meanders throughout the world.

T’was thou who composed a song for the stream and a murmur for the verdant wood;

’twas thou who gave melody to the breeze and to the lark its song.

Oh! save us from the dawning of a day

when our hearts are no longer driven to song.

‘Twas thou who heard the footsteps once

on the way to Calvary;

’twas thou who saw the shedding of blood

of the man on an unfamiliar quest.

Oh! save us from the dawning of an age

bereft of crown of thorns,and pain, and cross.


Might not be the best English poetry, because it is the translation from the Welsh. Bryn Terfel has a wonderful rendition. I am sorry I can’t find it for you. Don’t listen to the Steve Jones. It’s the wrong tune and he sings like like a has-been.


P.s. I did pretty good on the cleaning. I am at peace……oh no! The Flyers are losing, how did that happen??!!


11 thoughts on “‘Tydi a Roddaist’

  1. Hello,

    I have been looking for an English translation to the exquisite hymn, Tydi a Roddaist for some time, and a search engine pointed me here. I have long been entranced by the moving melody of this piece, and am delighted to finally discover the beautiful meaning of the words! Thank you for having the good sense to publish them on your blog, so that I may finally read them 😉

    Is this your own translation from the Welsh? If not, do you know who translated it? I’d be very interested to know.

    Thank you again for sharing this lovely hymn.

    • So glad you found them. I had to call a long lost friend whose child was enamored with Bryn Terfel and she emailed them to me! Sometimes I open my blog and sit there and read them because I have no imminrnet deadline and I happened to read these words today, too. Double blessing! Melinda

  2. My thanks, too, for the translation. I just acquired a CD from Cor Meibion Cwmbach and was thrilled by their rendition. (Not that I’ve ever heard a bad one, mercifully !


    I do have a Welsh hymn book – I should look it up. I was married in Wales many a moon ago – in North wales – where welsh is the family’s first tongue.

  3. thank you…Welsh American choral music enthusiast and also looking for the English to Tydi a Roddaist.

  4. Thank you for sharing the translation of this lovely old hymn, my Dad used to sing it but unfortunately I grew up not learning Welsh.

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