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One if th early things I heard said this morning by a black author, “Blacks ain’t used to being The Man!”

We always spend an evening with out friends, the Mortons, on MLK day and Stan usually comes up with something to watch ot read. Last night we watched Tom Brokaw’s documentary on MLK, and you can see the progression of the Civil Rights movement. It is interesting to watch this day wiht that juxtaposed in my mind. I liked the guy who had the benediction of the inaugural ceremonies, "God of the weary…." because we could see MLK wearing out, yet go forward. There was a real strain after the little girls that were killed in the bombing of the church in Selma, AL. C. rice was on saying that one of them was her classmate at school. The documentary also showed MLK giving his speech on Independence Mall, saying ‘the day will come, I amy not get there with you bu the day will come!" and the day came! Mrs. Belz used to ask us, “;Is ‘Came the great day’ a sentence?”

I appreciated BO’s quote of George Washington that he made in the dead of winter. I wish I could re-quote it. I just remember that GW’s encouragement came when it was cold and people were suffering.I thought that Obama’s speech was pretty good, too. But that is his strong point. And I liked Joseph Lowerey’s benedictory prayer that ended with a poem! I loved this whole Inaugural ceremony. It was a great mix. I don’t remember seeing every former president on the podium platform before. and the prayers were great. I remember hearing some pretty soppy prayers at Inaugurals of presidents I voted for. What surprised me was how few people joined in on the lord’s Prayer. I remember seeing part of Princess Diana’s funeral thousands of people saying it in the streets where they could hear the service on loudspeakers.

I’m watching the parade and you can see the SS men searching the crowd. You have ot admit, the Obamas are beautiful people!  This parade can get pretty late! I am so glad went to the Capitol last spring when Mom was here, because I can picture these places. I was wondering who got a table at the luncheon over ‘the spot’ where you can hear whatever is spoken there around the room.

I haven’t seen Will yet! I hope he is having as good a time as people appear to be having.

I better go start supper.


5 thoughts on “OBSERVATIONS

  1. I wondered the same thing…about who got to sit over “the spot”… It is pretty cool to watch the Inauguration, having been to those places. It was a pretty special day yesterday. They are a GORGEOUS couple. This morning they showed them at the very last dance last night and they just embraced each other and kissed….obviously very tired. It was sweet.

  2. Great post Melinda! I re-watched all the major bits last night with Denny over dinner. We enjoyed that last prayer even more the second time. Yes, the prayers both were excellent prayers!
    I didn’t think Obama’s speech was as inspiring as some I’ve heard, but I thought it was to a point, “Get up off your butts and get going to improve your lives and the lives of those around you!” Well, something like that!

  3. Interesting post. I see this through eyes of remembering riots in the high schools where I lived. People leaving our church because the session voted to open an integrated Christian school (the only of its kind for hundreds of miles). My friend Karen whom we carpooled with getting called a nigger in front of me. (it was a kid at school and I punched him in the nose…no one believed the kid that I hurt him because I was small and quiet at the time). Remarkable event, but I have to say as a former Speech Communications major, the speech was very disappointing to me. It meandered about badly and well I’ll shut up. My kids and I had some very interesting discussions since it is the first inaguaration in their memory.

  4. Well, DeAnn, there certainly has been a lot of discussion about the speech! I’m sure you would find a fair amount of company! I was wondering about your family as I watched that documentary. Out in the cornfields of Iowa, we were pretty untouched. I always sit there and listen or watch what Stan is presenting with incredulity! One time when they mentioned the riots that broke out after MLK’s assassination, I said , “What city?” and they said, “Everywhere!” I’m glad to know one of my relatives could stand up and PUNCH when someone is mistreated. My Gentle Joel has a story about how he whipped off his belt and went after someone who had injured a girl classmate!

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