A Horticultural Attitude

I’m wearing glasses today, folks… hope it helps with the typos!

A couple weeks ago when we were at Trade Show One in Baltimore it was with the Horticultures. There is a distinct feeling in the January Air, that this is the beginning of a new season and anything is possible. When I listen to the news I often think of these people who are now planting seeds, looking and often finding fresh blushes of green/ new life, and I know the hopeful feeling that surges inside, in spite of bad news everywhere. It goes with the feeling that you feel when you go from outside frigidity to humidity and the smell of warm soil in the greenhouses. When we were first married it was our privilege and my education to live across the driveway from the greenhouses where Joel worked. I never got tired of it. Today it is warm outside and I feel the Horticultural Attitude, which I could call HA(!). I put out of my mind that it is still January and cold days  -and early mornings-  lie ahead. I just want to go for a good brisk walk!

I am making a shopping bag that I think I want every time I go downtown, but never think of till I am shopping. I made one years ago for Joel’s mother and one day I spruced it up a bit for her and then used it and it was the perfect thing, so I got material for me. It’s got a pocket for my keys, phone, camera, chequebook and pen, and mail that I need to put in a mailbox….. at leat it will when I get it made. If you’re lucky, I’ll take a picture of it for you. The fabric is pretty cute. It’s more of an errand bag than a shopping bag. I have gone a little hat and bag crazy this year, but all for the right price!

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