Die Botshaft

I think I spelled it right! I just heard a ‘paper blog’ being discussed on my favorite radio station. One person’s opinion was that there was too much “puerile” stuff in blogs to bother it with paper and ink! Well, the Amish are way ahead of us. They print a paper once a week called Die Botshaft and it is just that! There is an assigned scribe for each district and they write in whatever goes on that week. The first time I read one I was impressed at when they told who was sick and needed encouragement, they would provide an address so you could ‘card shower’ them! A lot of times they discuss the weather, crops, marriage and babies like any of us and sometimes there are pretty good stories like the sighting of a wild cat, or wild cows that no one could catch and they couldn’t figure out whose they were. It was eventually solved. My favorite was about the guy whose milk tank generator (run by gas) went bust so he bought a new one. The installer came to the house as they were finishing a meal and said his work was done, but he couldn’t check it out without any gas! The scribe left a tasty comment like there must’ve been a few loose bricks somewhere! i think we would say .1109081328

‘marbles’. Tomorrow is Sammy-boy’s 23rd Birthday! Buono compleanos, or something like that!


2 thoughts on “Die Botshaft

  1. Yea, my blogs tend to be stream of consciousness blogs. But I guess that’s what one does when home alone. 🙂 It’s fun to keep track of just life. Something comforting and comfortable.

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