The Laundress

I am being the laundress today. I have made a semi-nouveau discovery. I have been getting store brand fabric softener sheets, and lately they just haven’t been working so good. Back in the day, when we used Amway, I would spray liquid fabric softener on a rag and put that in the dryer. I discontinued that long ago, I don’t know why. Well, I thought I’d give it another swing and bought a bottle of liquid Downy. I watered it down a little and put it ina spray bottle. It works great! The clothes are soft like velvet.. and pretty much wrinkle free, and nary a hint a snap of static! I remember when I used Amway, it took a few runs with the rag to get ti to work good, but this worked great the first time. The first time I did it, my rag totally disappeared. I thought it pretty wierd, but my thinking so didn’t bring it back. Today when I put on my shirt that buttons down the front, I found it hanging on to a button! Well, we’re awaiting winter storm. I’m not looking forward to the paper route in the morning. I can’t remember a winter when we have had so much ice.

Last night at supper Joel said something like this to me. “There is a new kind of persicaria called polymorphus” just put of the blue. I told him he was so lucky I was a Latin teacher, I understand him.


One thought on “The Laundress

  1. Last night I did Will’s laundry for him AFTER dinner. Amazing that we can do three loads of laundry washed, dried, folded and put away in less than three hours. I kept the timer set.
    Yea, I spoil him, so what?!

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