Hints from Heloise

Due to the rush of responses to yesterday’s helpful hint. I thought I would write another! Instead of using lots of water to presoak or rinse old, hard, caked-on food on dishes (I know, some of you never experience that), skip running all that water down the sewer drain! Load up the dishwasher with your absolutely filthy dishes and throw in a cup or glass of water. Let it sit a while… a half hour, overnight, something like that. The moisture will do its work and when you actually run the DW, it will come off smoothly and sparkly.

Okay , I have dome my duty for the week. Now you do yours… or try the real Heloise at http://www.heloise.com

Actually one of my first ever early married H.Hints was to first put all the dishes in dish water and let them soak while you do a few other chores. This is a take-off. Fasten your seat belt.

See you there!


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