My Bag

Here it is.


From the outside


from the inside

I can’t figure out how to turn thispictures around in wordpress!

One thought on “My Bag

  1. I’m loving that bag idea, Melinda.

    I carry around an old (10 years a least) backpack, in which I place a book (to read while waiting for kids to get in the car), a diet soda and snack, letters to be mailed, and – in a little pocket at the back – my lists*.

    *Lists: errands to be run in order of urgency and expediency, groceries to be bought, items and kids to pick up or drop off here and there.

    If I know I’m going to waiting a long time (usually when picking up Steven, who loves to hang with his friends as-long-as-poossible!) I toss in my journal and Bible.

    Cathy<—- looking-forward-to-Steven’s-driver-license

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