The Wedding

Yep,he’s married.


I am just not good at keeping the camera thing together. On the way to the JP’s, my battery died. I came home and plugged it in, but it’s all new stuff and i can’t remember in the crowd of people and things where I put it. There are more pictures on my flickr, but I took them fast because dinner was mostly over before I remembered where the battery was. Jeannette was the official photographer, but she must still be editing. N & N took more formal pictures at Longwood Gardens… so this serves as proof of the pudding.

Nicky really did not want a big fuss wedding. And she’s the bride, she can have what she wants. She and Nick dressed up and  she had a bouquet of flowers and went to the distict magistrate’s off ice that is practically rightr behind her dad’s house! She and Nick were going to meet there. Nick went with Joel in the car and Nicky and I went hiking through the icy, snowy backyard which Nick had convinced me had been shoveled to a locked gate! So we climbed our slippy way back down the hill and Joel came and got us. It was a woman judge  and she recited the ceremony from memory, quoting much of I Corinthians 13. When Nick was told he could kiss the bride, he tipped her over backwards! He was way giddy!! We took them to Macaroni Grill for lunch and then left them alone! The next night we had dinner at our place, which they wanted to keep small, so it was us DiBers and spouses, and a couple of grandkids, Uncle Buzz and Aunt Lee, Nicky’s Dad , and Buzz and Lee’s youngest son Michael and Hang, his wife of a year and a half, I think! It was a nice size crowd . I ended up renting tables so we would be comfortable… not a bad deal. Meredith had given m the idea of putting icicle lights around the table under the tablecloths. Mary arrived early to help decorate . I made turkey, sweet potato fries, broccoli salad, clam chowder and  minestrone. Mary made rolls. Jeannette got the cake and I got the little cake for them to cut. we had a “time of encouragement”. Nicky’s dad was giving them the piece that says. ‘Don’t go to sleep angry at each other. Work it out first” and Michael piped up with, “Yeah, because it can get really cold on the sofa!” We just roared awhile he tried to backpedal saying he hadn’t actually done the night “on the sofa”. Aunt Lee shared her words of wisdom and then turned to Nick and said, “Remember when the goose chased you?!” She had taken the kids to Long’s Park with her friend with her grandkids and this Canadian goose took off after Nick! Unfortunately, I wasn’ t there to see it. Actually, it probably would have scared the whatever out of me to see my kid chased like that! Anyway….  we had cake times and they opened their presents and a good time was had by all.

Sam and Sarah stayed overnight with us and I took Sarah to the fabric store and Joel took Sam to the bike shop and bought him a helmet which I hope he is wearing faithfully. We stopped at the Haymes for supper and a little visit and then we were pretty tired.p1010018Party’s over.


One thought on “The Wedding

  1. OH, thanks for telling us the whole story. We’re so happy for Nick. And you have such a great way of telling things! We feel like we were there.
    So Sam and Sarah…this may be your next one, eh? She’s cute, too. Looking forward to J’s photos.

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