Totally Random

Okay, it is the middle of February. I think I quit trying to celebrate V-day when I had little kids and they always got sick about this time of year. Now that they are grown up I keep up the tradition myself! Best not to plan too much for the middle of February. I do like flowers, though. So I had my session with the toilet bowl myself last night. I can never get over how absolutely awful it feels. I always think of Gretchen Deutschmann saying, “When it’s 3:00 in the morning and you are hanging your head over the toilet bowl, you are sure life can’t get any worse than this!” True, you feel that way. But life can, and we’ll try not to think about it!  So today I crawled into the bath tub and turned on my bubble blowing machine that lets me pretend that I am in a jacuzzi and thought of , “Like the sunshine after rain, like the rest  that follows pain, like a hope returned again is the peace that Jesus gives….”

Well, I thought I would insert a picture or music, but no one is cooperating with me tonight, namely WordPress and Youtube, so it will have to be another day.

Love, Melinda


2 thoughts on “Totally Random

  1. OOhhh, yuck…I’m so sorry you got the bug! Valentine’s Day is a big marketing scheme…I told David when he fixes dinner for me,that’s better than a dozen roses.

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