Time, Like an ever rolling stream, keeps rolling those Mondays in!

I can see from my blog stats that if I have had a quiet week or two y’all think I am pretty sure to be here on Monday morning! I actually got up betwen 6:30 and 7:00 this smorning. I woke up and felt pretty good. Joel gets a perk out of doing the paper route by himself sometimes and  Monday is an easy day to do it, so that’s how I manage to sleep that long in the AM. We had a fun weekend starting with a dinner party with some friends that we don’t see regulary. Having lived in 3 different places and on our 3rd church in 15 years, and yet all the same county, there are people nearby we like to keep in touch with, but have to make a “special room” for that. Sometimes I have luch with what I call my “mega-music’ friends. Music will flavor the conversation but we keep up with each others’ families mostly.Maybe one of these days we’ll sing a song in the restaurant! They all read music like you are reading this blog. But before my dineer I cleaned my whole house in one day!1 I haven’t done that in years, at least by myself! Evrybody brought something, so  I cooked some fancy pasta (you know, buy quality, boil water, throw it in) put some shrimp into a red sauce and made my own Alfredo sauce which I thought turned out pretty good. I did it once before, at Cono, for a banquet! and some bread. I ahve been on a bread kick lately.100105

The back of that cupbaord I painted with blackboard paint, so little hands have something to do in the kitchen when there is no stirring to be done.p10100312

And here is the latest artist, our Nina-Katarina


When I first put this picture on the computer Joel looked at it and said, :Wild thing!” But, just for the record, Nina was good girl that day and Gramma was sorry to see her go before we played all our games!

After reading Emily’s post I had a hankering to snow geese hunting. All we saw was a file d full of swans. Just kidding. I got in only one picture and it’s not very good. The swans and gees were at Middle Creek by the hundreds I am sure, but thay were so far out in the water , that with high powered binoculars supplied by the visitor enter, it was a little less than gratifying. We did watch several huge flocks of C -geese (C is for Chris …hahahaha) come in for a landing. And we had a picnic. Okay now you know I am still alive . I got dates for this afternoon Seeya ’round


5 thoughts on “Time, Like an ever rolling stream, keeps rolling those Mondays in!

  1. Mmmm… my mouth is watering, dreaming of the taste of that bread.

    On the way to church yesterday (near Elverson, PA) Steven and I spotted a field of snow geese. I was surprised to see them this early. Seems they go back and forth, from PA back to NC, for weeks before deciding to stay for a little while.

    For some, Robins are the harbinger of spring. But for me, it’s Snow Geese! 🙂

    Melinda – let’s plan to trip to Middle Creek together! You can bring your grans, and I’ll kidnap mine (hard to get him away from his parents, ya know).

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