This pretty bird was frustrated at attempts to get out of our alley, but spread its wings and flew and has been flying around for a couple days! My neighbor saw it fly over the houses! It was in the paper this morning, but I can’t find a link to the article for you! It’s mile or two away. Then we went to the park and these deer were on a getaway mission but came right back after seeing cars!


I am now locked in the study, cleaning up the filing system that just needs its yearly spring cleaning and didn’t get it last spring. I find stuff I have been missing and have to find places for things, plus meshing Joel’s mom’s stuff in ours. I keep Pandora on and it keeps me cheered up, otherwise I get really angry when I do this job! I put a bunch of pictures on ‘flickr’ if you want to see what I have been up to, generally!

I stuck my nose in another book that i have lready read several years ago called The Canary Island Adventure about a family that decides to give it ‘all’ up and live simply, sort of a Swiss Family Robinson adventure, but it it’s not quite that exciting, but exciting enough. A fun read.

Yesterday we passed a business and they had a Square D sign out in front and I exclaimed about it. Joel said he was sure I had seen it before and I said ‘good thing I forget so we continue to have something to talk about!’ Same goes for books.

This link should take you to my pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/20926277@N03/


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  1. Sounds like me and the boys. I exclaim over something and they say, Mom, you say that every time!” ha! At least we’re consistent!
    So when’s Sam’s wedding??? We’ll ALL come out to celebrate that!!!!

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