What makes me happy

Rachael challenged me to this on Facebook, and I thought while I was writing , I’ll transfer over here!

What makes Melinda happy? I’ll try to make them different from Joel’s , although some would overlap
1. watching a face alter in a person whose life is changed by Jesus, which has been our privilege over the last year and a half.
2. when all the men in the family have jobs
3. beautiful music
4. Oh… if you’re going to yank it out of me, I’ll say it- a clean house!
5.singing with my friend Terri, who feels like my other half when we do.
6. My kids and grandkids walking in the door
7. An elegant meal (even if it’s potluck!) with good friends
8. digging in dirt, which I get to do soon (soon as get rid of this dumb virus)
9.hanging out with Joel alll weekend!
10.let me see…..lots of things make me happy, how can I narrow it down to 10? Some things may seem frivolous compared to others, but they push my happy button just the same. Smells make me happy, the smell of bread baking, pine trees at Christmas time, warming soil (sometimes I sniff Joel’s shirt for that!), coffee, coffee, coffee (I am on a coffee fast!) , feeling good when I wake up in the morning, a well crafted poem whether it’s Luisa’s or Robert Frost or a hymn, being able to have time to sit and think, when Joel fixes something for me and he is so proud of it! Having enough money to pay all the bills, neighbors who talk to me, laughter, jokes, a good story should never be underrated, neither should the good storyteller! Hearing from an old friend… or my mother! Ellis turning his face when we call him by name, I hope that never grows old for me. a good book. I need a library visit. Well, I guess it won’t happen as long as I am an aching , drippy mess. I’m gonna go get some advil

Felicitations, Melinda


2 thoughts on “What makes me happy

  1. Lovely, lovely! It’s much more fun to read what makes one happy than what irritates! 🙂 I’ve really enjoyed catching up with all and so many friends on FB!

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