…..was a busy day. I had a bad night, but I helped Joel with the paper route, and went back to bed after we came home. I slept pretty hard until about 8, woke up and called Nicky and said I just couldn’t do market today. I went back to sleep until 10, jumped out of bed, threw some clothes on and went t get my lady I take to dialysis. That done, I decided I had time for market after all and went and got Nicky. We were like pack mules with our loads walking through market. When we were done we scooted over to a midday organ concert nearby, met some friends for lunch, picked my lady up from dialysis, dropped Nicky off at work and came home. My friends , who are musicians, asked Nicky what she thought of the concert and she replied that she had grown up listening to Karl Moyer at church and KM is like the top organ guru in this area and she caused quite a flutter among the organists! We got our beleaguered waiter to take a picture of us and he acted like he was doing and so here is the nice result!


We managed to find out that Nicky played the clarinet in school, I sing and play the piano, Margaret plays the organ and her family and ours used to host hymn sings on New year’s Eve. Her five daughters have sung and recorded together. That’s her sister Katy next to her. I think she plays the recorder, but she’d rather work with wood! Judy Thomas is a retired music teacher and church music director. She likes to involve me in stuff, like “singing with the AME’s”  (I think if you look in April 2007, you’ll see that story. I don’t know how to do links). Joy is another organist and comes from a musical family. At one time both her parents taught at Juillard. Two of her sister and she and their children recorded several songs her sister had written for her music classes. Now, that should cover the territory well enough. Oh… and my kid is a musicologist!


One thought on “Today…

  1. looks like a really pretty place. What is the restaurant? I really wanted to come see you yesterday. It was one of those days that you just wish you could see some family. I was telling David about the market yesterday. Wish I could go with you again sometime. We are enjoying spring break. I would love to talk sometime. Maybe I will call on Tues. on my way down to SC from VA.

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