Last night….

…. I  laid down, went to sleep and woke up 8 hours later, no dreams , no disturbances. I feel like I am high  on something and I can’t work fast enough! I am a little shocked at what a good night’s sleep will do, especially the attitude shift!

Grace has been spending some time here while her mother is in the hospital. It is not life threatening, but some stuff just needs to get worked out. I went and read to her a little while from Jack Miller’s A Faith Worth Sharing. Somebody’s mention of the Millers made me pick it up, It was a second read. I seem to do a lot of that and it doesn’t bother me a bit! So anyway, I am going to keep roaring around here and try and gst some sewing done! While the brain is still percolating……

p.s. Val. I enjoyed the pictures. I just keep looking at the one of you and Celeste, it is so beautiful I remember watching you run around the greenhouses as graceful as a deer. I think Annie is built like you.


2 thoughts on “Last night….

  1. Wow, that was fun Melinda. Glad you slept well! Great photos. I keep looking at my blog and hoping for inspiration…. I mentioned Miller. Sounds like a good book. We marveled at how different C and V look from each other. Not like sisters.

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