My Week So Far

On Sunday I went looking for Spring, hoping it was right around the corner as it was for Frog and Toad (see Arnold Lobel). Note hosta sprouts.


and I wanted to find some Virginia bluebells


On Monday I went to Mrs. N in the hospital and I took a couple of pictures as I was walking through the parking garage.


A Jewish synagogue


more sure signs of Spring

Today I was out when it snowed (with HJoel who was driving ) and I wanted to see if it woudl show on my camera. It didn’t but two girls saw my camera come out the window and posed, while the car next to us scooted up for No Reason At All!


After supper (and the news and jeopardy!), I sewed myself this nice little jacket which I hope will be part of my Easter outfit. I don’t necessarily do “Easter Outfits” but I do not have any dresses, other than a ‘garden dress’ and a mother-of-the-bride dress!


Buenos Noches


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