Mish-Mash of several days

There must be something to say about a Monday morning stream of consciousness! I was just thinking about when I was in the 5th grade I started taking piano lessons. As there were 5 of us taking lessons at the same time I had the early morning slot to practice. I had 5 minutes to get out of bed and get down to the piano. It wasn’t a problem. I loved practicing. The 5 minutes I had to get dressed was the problem! I suffered a lot of consequences for that. Somehow getting up is so much easier if you look forward to how you are starting your day. I got up shortly before 7 this morning thinking about how ‘early’ I was getting up, but then I reminded myself that wouldn’t crack it for getting to school. Well, I don’t have to worry about that!

I did write a post about going to Uncle John’s funeral and I read it on my web site, and then it wasn’t there. We had a good trip and it was fun having an excuse to go to Michigan. Brad and Jason are shorties! Jason has really cute kids and I hope I got my pictures up on flickr but maybe I didn’t. The computer has been weird lately. Being at Uncle Norm’s and Aunt Rosemary’s is like being home. Amy and I thought it was probably since I got married since we had seen each other.

My friend, Terry, and I have a term we call ‘double-party-ing’. Well, last weekend I thought I had reached an all time high of triple –partying! On Saturday Joel and I got up at 3:00 like we usually do to deliver papers. He went from there to the greenhouses. I came home and panicked about my bills and when he got home we finished running errands. I think he got a little nap and then we left to go visit Sam and Sarah. It took us 3 hours to get there, stupid Schuylkill Expressway. So we ended up just having dinner and walking around a little and coming home. On the way home we stopped at the airport and picked up Luisa. The next morning Joel went to water at the greenhouse again, Lu and I went to church and came home and scrambled together a picnic with Nick and Nicky and the Stover gang. We went to my latest favorite place to go, Lancaster County Central Park, nicknamed, The County Park. It was like having a big backyard, big picnic table, ball fields, hiking trails, gardens all in a space of maybe a mile, mile and a half maybe, just guessing. David had brought a fun kite to fly, even though it wasn’t the best kite-flying day ever, and there were a few playing ball and Lu, Katelyn and Jonathan had gone on a hike. Jonathan got separated from the girls and they thought they would catch up and they didn’t. So there was a panic in which we packed up toys lickety split and jumped in 4 different cars and fanned out around the park. Emily and I went to the trail where they had been and Em ran down the hill yelling and he was at the bottom, pretty scared looking! He had gone back to our picnic place looking for us, but we moved out when we went to the ball fields and someone had moved in as Joel finished packing our things! So that was a little disconcerting. So we were thankful to find our boy! I don’t think terror strikes a mother’s heart like a lost child! I felt optimistic, but I knew Em didn’t. I know the thoughts that went racing through my head when I couldn’t find one of mine! After that we had to get down to see Joel’s mom. We didn’t tell her Luisa was coming. Mary came with Annika while we were there and she played ‘peek-a-boo’ with her great grandma! We sang for a little while. We had also been invited to Mrs. Noe’s 85th birthday party and I just figured I would show up late and giver her our greetings. But I had gotten mixed up. It wasn’t until yesterday! And we went and had a nice time. A Cono friend, Barb Gerow, came from Philadelphia. And I met Eugene Potoka and his wife. They had two sons at Cono. Then Margaret’s husband, Darrell, played the piano. He played at Jeannette’s wedding. I love to hear him play. When we took Luisa to Covenant last fall Joel and I stayed with them and he played me Billy Joel’s classical composition! Well, it doesn’t sound like rock and roll! Their daughter Carrie played and sang a couple of her songs and then there was more singing and playing. Joel and I had to scoot off!

Last night at church I was giving a lesson to the kids and the story was about Peter healing the lame man by the temple gate. I have some act-ive boys so we needed to act-out! So when the lame man was healed I asked the boy who was acting it out what he would do if he had two broken legs and all of a sudden he could do whatever he wanted. He said, “I think I’d break-dance!” I said ‘yep, he break-danced right into church!”

Well, it’s time to crawl out from under the laptop and get my blood moving. I am going to work in my garden at The County Park today! I hope to get some grass clippings from a former student who mows lawns. So I don’t have to weed. Joel and I don’t think too highly of the soil and I think that this will help not only the weed control, but feed the soil.

Ciao for now!


One thought on “Mish-Mash of several days

  1. Yeah!! Glad to see you blogging again! Yes, there was terror in my heart and it made me cry again just reading about it. Poor boy he had been wandering around for awhile looking for us and crying. Glad for the happy ending! 🙂 Can’t wait for a beach trip with ya!

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