What I have been doing lately

Why does the font get tinier and tinier???? I got some pics off my camera and in the computer, so let’s see what we can do!

First I went to Ellis’s Spring Fling at his pre-school and PA school for the Deaf. He is actually on the playground in this picture, riding around like Fred Flinstone. I might put a video on my flick of the program, but though the video is pretty cute, E is not in it.


We got our garden started at the County Park’s community garden section.


We went to Uncle John’s funeral.



we helped a family move and then had them stay with us for a couple days until things got a little organized!


and we had a great Mother’s Day picanick


And had a play day with Katarine and Annika… and the mamamaria



We also drove to Danville PA to take Luisa to a nanny job there and if I can get the pics off Joel’s phone, that finishes the story… I think!


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