Symphony Saturday

Last Saturday Joel and I got to go to the Symphony. We live within walking distance of the concert hall, so if it’s not so hot you work up a sweat walking there, it’s rather pleasant. The first piece was a song the conductor dedicated to his wife in honor of their 39th wedding anniversary. At some point she had heard this song and said to him it was the most beautiful song she had ever heard. When they started to play it I recognized it as a song I had disciplined myself to learn the first fall I didn’t go back to school. I never played Brahms because you can’t sight read it, you have to learn it. I thought “where am I going” so I played it slowly enough to play every single note and then started going through line by line like you do in piano lessons! It’s called ‘Intermezzo’ in my book, but in the symphony program it was called ‘Black Swan’. The orchestration was absolutely beautiful. The symphony conductor has a reputation of being kind of a crank, but he must have scored some points for this one! The guest soloist was a pianist who had gotten rave reviews for the performance of the night before. The newspaper editor was quite ecstatic; I never saw so many adjectives in symphony review! Well, Rachmaninoff was on the program and it was excellent. BUT while tearing up the last movement the soloist put both hands in the air and when the conductor stopped he said loud enough for everyone to hear, “I screwed up!” So he went over to the conductor’s score and they found a place to start and went right on as though nothing had happened. There was some chuckling in the audience and it only took a minute or two and no one was the worse for it, except for maybe the soloist. He played a lovely little encore, too. Afterwards, we walked home.

On Monday Joel put a shelf up in the closet in the study for me, which enables me to get rid of one of the many pieces of furniture in that room and he put a curtain rod all the way across the wall that has three windows on it, so now I can think curtains! I made 75 cupcakes for Marlowe’s birthday party! It was sort of a combination party; they have friends who are moving away, so they had other friends over for that. Poor Marlowe had a little bit of a fever, but it made him cuddly, so we cuddled. He has a way of ‘airing his opinion’ when he is displeased and J was changing him and he was fussing and I walked into the room and said something. He paused, pulled his fists away from his eyes to see who it was, and went right back into his fuss! I think there must be an A.A. Milne poem about such behavior. I love sitting here and writing. I wish I had more to say! It’s another gray cold day, needed an extra blanket last night. Well, that gives us a little ‘energy’ space between heat and air conditioning!

I did post some pictures on my flickr of our newspaper route Saturday morning. It’s starting to get light before we finish and often there is a thick fog patches that are really beautiful. And some not so thick spots, too. I was trying to catch the shadow of the trees. And when Joel went into the barn to get milk, this is what he saw!



2 thoughts on “Symphony Saturday

  1. I saw your pictures on flickr, very nice. Is one of those red houses yours? The flower boxes are cute on the one house…love the countryside. I still love the beautiful rolling hills of PA.

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