Remember Me

Back in the day when I could go to the Cedar Rapids Public Library and sit in a cushy chair and listen to CD’s while my children browsed for books, the great Jessye Norman introduced me to the Negro Spiritual. It wasn’t that I had never heard one before, but she took the thing and made something of it thatI had never heard before, while lifting me out of my seat! Really, I looked around to see if anyone else could hear, but I guess my headphones were pretty good. I felt like I was in a concert hall as she spilled out “Great Day. great day, the righteous marchin’ Great Day, God’s gonna build up Zion’s wall” with a flair of drama and power that has had me all agog ever since. The liner notes mentioned that spirituals were typically songs of hope and deliverance and it shows up in the power of her voice! Lately I have found this little gem on Youtube and every time I sign in to something, and there is the little box that says ‘remember me’, this is what comes to mind. It is called Dido’s Lament and Dido is the woman who had a love affair with Aeneas after he escaped the fall of Troy and was on his way to Italy via Carthage. Dido was a Phoenician who ran away from Phoenicia because her brother had killed her lover and I believe she was the queen of Carthage when Aeneas came along. He deserts her to fulfill his destiny.It’s hard to remembe all the details that far back! ;>) Enjoy the music.


2 thoughts on “Remember Me

  1. You can like this. It’s pretty. Totally fine.

    But it doesn’t really bear a lot of resemblance to an early Baroque aria. Just have to say so.

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