Good Morning, Sunshine

Good Morning Sunshine!

Joel and I are enjoying our first week of no newspaper route. We have been caught in the downsizing. I am sure when the paycheck time rolls around we’ll enjoy it a little less, but Joel was really at the end of his rope anyway. So now he is building a patio for his boss. His boss used to work for Joel’s uncles and he bought greenhouse property from them and one of the uncle’s house. So we treat him like we are still in the family business. He used to bring his daughter to work with him when we were all in Toughkenamon on holiday Mondays. She and Jeannette are the same age to the month. They always had fun. Now they are accomplished women. They would probably still have fun. Maybe I’ll get in some pictures of patio building today. If everything works…..

I usually stay out of Joel’s way in the morning before he leaves for work. One day last week I got up and I nearly burned the kitchen down. I was making toast and there was a piece of bread still in there that had already been toasted (toaster oven) and it was pouring smoke before I realized it. Since I have high ceilings there is plenty of room for smoke before it gets down to my level. So I get all the windows open and fans blowing and hope the neighbors don’t call the fire dept! So while the toast was toasting the pan was warming up for eggs but since I had to do all that other stuff the pan was burning on the stove. Does anybody wonder why I eat cold cereal for brekky every morning? Well, sometimes I do eat eggs, but a little later in the morning! Then later, when the sun came out I decided that fresh air would do me good. I walked down the alley next to our house and fell down at the end of it. When I went to bed that night I reached up to grab something off the shelf above our bed and knocked over a glass that had a little bit of water in it, but enough to go down my back, down to the sheet, etc. Am I the only one who has a whole day like this? Sometimes I think I should just stay in bed, but I don’t know how to do that. Actually I thought I couldn’t do too much damage to curtain material and got some curtains made for my study. They are lovely, but I have one more panel to finish, then I will take a picture just so I can document that I actually do something. This sunny weather does something wonderful for my outlook on life! We have a balcony off our bedroom and we put a storm door in so we can have it open. Our bedroom is probably 10×10, and we have two big windows on both sides. So with those and the door, I feel like I am sleeping in a treehouse. Joel put a ceiling fan in so a breeze is always blowing! It’s pretty relaxing, at least after the car mechanic next door closes shop and all the men who came to chat go home.

Well, it’s doggy barking time!! Have a good day everybody.


6 thoughts on “Good Morning, Sunshine

  1. Your post made me giggle, Melinda 🙂 I don’t know why those kind of accidents tend to cluster about 3 in a day for me. 4 is really a banner day! Glad you took it all with good temper. Please do post a pic of your curtains. WalMart came into our town and put all the fabric stores out of business. They they closed their own fabric dept., and now we can’t buy a spool of thread without driving 30 minutes! Argh! I want to make aprons.

  2. Cracking me up! It does happen to me sometimes. Remember the day I sat in gum and then dropped my bank card inside my car door?

    MK, the internet is starting to be a great place to buy fabric, etc. Just a word of warning, don’t look at Japanese fabric sites. You will all of a sudden hear your alter-ego reasoning that, sure, $12/yard is no big deal. (You can find deals on the internet.)

    • I have days like that too! 🙂
      Same thing with some of the walmarts here, what I thought was interesting was at the same time brand new fabric stores are starting to pop up again!We have a Joann’s Fabric, they have about everything- so nice, and also a new Hancocks. I like Joann’s better though.

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