Advice Wanted

On Sunday evening as we were waiting for fireworks to star, a mother with a 12  yr old and 14 yr. old said to me she was a little afraid if the teen years.  She was widowed 9 yrs ago and her son has already given her some really difficult times as he’s entered adolescence. She was asking me for advice. I always feel a little stumped at times like this because sometimes in life we ‘muddle through as best we can.’ There is always soooo much going on and where are the formulas that work anyway??!! I thought about it and gave her the best advice I could come up with. “Do something regularly that you all enjoy. It will give you good memories.” There are so many issues that come up over these years and decisions that require alertness when you are dead tired, sometimes we do it right, sometimes we blow it. You need good memories, times when you aren’t talking about grades and chores and “when I am 16/18 I am going to do this and you can’t stop me” and “who were you hanging out with?!”. My dad and I used to sing every Sunday afternoon. It was very leisurely and unstructured. I played the piano and that is how I learned to accompany. I think it kept us from killing each other. And, yes, they are sweet memories.


Now what’s yours?

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