The Ten Minute Break

I am organizing my CD’s onto notebooks. I have had them on a shelf nicely fitted into my bookshelves, but I just couldn’t see them, One row was behind the other and it was too dark of a corner, old eyesight and all that! So I got a notebook and am going through the painstaking progress of organizing and putting them into a three ring binder. I am putting at least part of the cover in the pocket with the CD so it has its place. Not all of the CD’s have a list of the tracks on them. Then I start reading the liner notes. Who reads liner notes!!! Well, I have a favorite of Cecelia Bartoli and Bryn Terfel and the pictures are so darling and they do Pa-pa-pa-pagena!  And do you know where Part 3 of the Messiah starts? off the top of your head? Probably my mother does! My categories (drum-roll, the girl can think categorically) are Classical Instrumental (about 40 of those) sorted by general symphonies and solo artists , the violinists with the violinists and the Pianists with the pianists and the cellist all in one section!!!  Then there is the classical vocal artists, then the oratorio. I suppose ideally you would have the oratorio before classical soloists (tenors with tenors, sopranos w/ guesswho) but I missed that at 1:00 AM!!! And it was less bother to put the Oratorio second. Then there is choral, some classical, some semi classical winding up with a few Cono Choir CD’s! there is the Christmas section and the Folk- Rock-Jazz, which is kind of skinnier than the classical section. I guess we know who buys more CD’s!. I am looking forward to less meess, and more accessibility. That is what I can write in 10 minutes and that is what I am doing today!! ! We’ll probably starve. Actually I am almost done, Maybe in an hour


2 thoughts on “The Ten Minute Break

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  2. Yippeeee for you! See, you CAN DO IT!!!! I’m so proud of you; makes me want to come over and see it!
    Mine are all organized in the cupboard, but then Den goes in and gets some out to take to work…..

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