Summah time

I am so tired I have to sit down. I have been sweating buckets in the garden. It needed the work, but I went mainly to spread a few bags of cut grass someone had given me. Mainly I am trying to keep my really great tan I got on my beach day a few weeks ago! :>) I got my first beautiful head of broccoli! No worms! Somehow my duster appeared about a week ago and I got them dusted. I use bacillus thurengensis, bt, and it words great on most anything. I thought there was a bottle in garden and it was an eggplant, so I have a beer bottle size eggplant. If it were wine bottle size, I would pick it and have eggplant parmesan for supper. When I spell ‘parmesan’ it doesn’t feel right. It looks French maybe? Isn’t it ‘parmigiana’ in Italian? Or something that ends with a vowel? My Amish friend just called and said I sounded like I just woke up! I told him he sure had said the wrong thing!!!

Liz and Dan got her Friday evening P1010108with corn from Alice’s garden!!!! Yessirree we had some for supper! WE took them to Longwood Gardens and we went later in the day so we could get in on the fountain show. When we got there, it was fireworks night, and you have to have special tickets! WE got there at 6 and they were already parking on the grass and they wouldn’t let us in. so we decided to go to Brandywine Battle field with our picnic (Longwood’s picnic area was full) and that was closed off, I mean Barriers! We ended up driving for about 3 hours and going out for pizza. Part of that time was train chasing. Dan was practically right in front of it when it went by! Liz says, “He never protects his ears!” Dan says “That was the highlight of my day!”

P1010039I have made two dresses since I got my sewing machine. Jeannette came one day to check it out and get some ‘pre-vacation sewing’ done. That is a great tradition she learned from her mama! I was showing ti off to her and she said she wanted to see how it doesn’t shake. Some of you sewed on my old machine. It just sort of shook more the faster you went!

What would you like for lunch today? What would hit the spot? You can have most anything, most anything we got! We got corn tomatoes, cabbaged onions lettuce broccoli too and some fresh bread pickles banana muffins if I get them made—- I’ve run out of rhythm!



2 thoughts on “Summah time

  1. What a bummer about Longwood. I forgot about that when you called! Hope to see you tonight! Are you going to try to do Longwood sometime this week?

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