Flotsam and Jetsam

I wonder who made those words up. I am sure if I look it up in my lovely online dictionary, it’ll tell me, but I am not going to take the time. We were looking over our bookshelves, I think Joel had a sacrificial eye and he said, “It’s not like we use them.” I followed his gaze to the World Book Encyclopedias and said “No sir. I am always paranoid of a Tower of Babel experience and said “I’m keeping all my hard copies!” At least they are good through 1989. I keep all my dictionaries, too. I have 6 English ones. One is about eight inches thick. I kept a couple in the car for a while when I was teaching homeschoolers so I was sure to have something with an etymology.

Joel just finished repointing all the points in our brick that needed it. It has been about a 3 week project. He is really glad to have it done. He figured by the time he finished he would have the hang of it.

We celebrated Two Years of New City Fellowship of Lancaster today. I made Mississippi Mud in honor of it. One day as i was with Mary when she picked up K from Nursery school and K called out to her teacher , “Good Bye Mississippi!”  Instead of ‘Mississ Hilton’.


This is me saying good bye to the Midwest on ourway home. Three weeks ago. I couldn’t find my camera cord. it showed up on Friday.



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