A Blast from the Past

There is always a little something stashed away in a corner around here. Lotsa corneres, lotsa stashes! So in a ‘closet’ there was this bag of letters  I wrote to Joel’s mother and so here is a glimpse of our life on February 12, 1990. I knew it was imporatnt to date letters!

” This is as close to Valentine card as I can muster (stationery with a pair of wood ducks). Mary colored you one that’s in another envelope. Makes her feel like she has done something official. She really enjoys school and is reading quite well. She’s a hands-on type… she has fidgety fingers! She scratches my back when she sits next to me.

I’m working on a quilt, the hand stitching part and I’v e gotten so sleepy. I’m making great progress, too. (???)

Samuel is really enjoying listening to records. He’s so much like Dad (mine). I went to a funeral with Dad and Mom on Saturday. Dad walks past the baptistry and pokes his head in! Samuel gets so involved with the music he listens to! This morning he was dancing around on the rocking chair.

Joel is making some sales again this week. Once we get a customer they’re very pleased. Getting them is not easy but he’s very encouraged. Last year at this time he didn’t really know if he could do it and now he knows he can— the growing part. The making money part has its queations, too, but that always will, I’ve been out dibbling a few times. I’ve just hired one of the students to help me after school. We ought to make some real progress.

I cleaned Nicky’s closet ;last week and concluded that everything that disappears is wedged behind something in Nicky’s closet. He sleepwalks.

Jeannette is sick today. I think she’s exhausted . Growing bodies can’t always take what you dish out to it. She got to go to a chamber concert performong Mozart’s Requiem with her English teacher. Saturday before last Andrew B. took a bunch of little boys to see ‘White Fang’.”

That’s it folks. In Feb. 0f 1990 I was 31, had 5 kids aged 2-12! I think I did the math right on that one! Everybody is pretty much in character. Where is Luisa??? She played and sang and sang and played back then!

If I have time to find a pictue I ight update this post, but now I am going to scramble!


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