Tree Visitation

Whenever Joel goes to Longwood, there are certain trees he expects to see, and they are usually waiting for him (and everyone else!). When we were very young, and we would have some spare time after setting up for a concert, we would roam the streets and he would stop and gaze at trees. I would worry someone would come out and chase us off for loitering! When our children were very young, we spent a lot of time at Longwood Gardens and Joel would make (want) us to stay next to him while he tree gazed. It was a little hard reining in all that animation, so that when he said “Who wants to go to Longwood?” , Mary., whose middle name is “Go!”, would be the only volunteer. She would walk alongside him, leaning on his leg and sucking her thumb, stopping when he stopped and going when he went. They were pals. The other day we made a late afternoon trip to Longwood and , sure enough, the ‘old friends’ are still there. I have a camera I can liberally click away with and ‘trash ‘ what I don’t want and I don’t get bored while he ‘gazes’.


The Buckeye Grove


The oxydendron tree

The Happy Trampers

The Happy Trampers


One thought on “Tree Visitation

  1. fun! I haven’t been back since we went a couple weeks ago. I really wanted to take the family before all the leaves fell off…I think it is too late.

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