Something Pretty

When we were in 7th grade, Mrs. Belz would send us outside to wrote ‘something pretty’ papers. I always liked this assignment, but I can remember doing it only once. I feel like we did it more often. i wonder what other people wrote about. I wrote about trees. I guess I like trees too. Lately I have been collecting and waxing leaves for decoration. I am sure that I am the only one walking the Lancaster Streets and bendiing over and picking up leaves. somehow a little project like this gives a person pleasure. I stuck some to my windows and I made a little wreath which needs a slight repair because I was low on glue in the glue gun.

So here is the proJecto:


modus operandi

the melted parafin, the fresh ones and done ones in a stack.


Name that leaf

And here is the pretty girl who went on a walk with me today



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