Mac and Cheese

I was never a big mac and cheese fan. (I hope I didn’t recently write about sweet potatoes). But recently I was at a friend’s house for dinner and there was mac and cheese. Well, It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just like, “what’s there to like?”  It was deeee-lishous! After we ate it, she says, “Do you want to know what kinds of cheeses are in it? ” After listing about 5 she said she only put about half what it called for. “It’s a recipe for a heart attack waiting to happen.”  My sister makes pretty good mac and cheese and I even ‘allow’ it at the Thanksgiving table. I don’t remember having seconds, but maybe that’s because there are way too many other things to eat at Thanksgiving.

I used to make it at Cono, and I would doctor it up with herbs and stuff to give it a little flavor. One day a boy said to me, “Mrs. DiBernardo, some of us like mac and cheese just the way it is.” I realized I was ‘doing it up’ because I didn’t like it. sort of like a non-coffee drinker making the coffee. I think it’s time for another cup of coffee. Seeyooz


2 thoughts on “Mac and Cheese

  1. I like the analogy to the non-coffee drinker. Wanna come over for some pumpkin scones?? They just came out of the oven. I am enjoying my second morning at home this week….yippee!!

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