Riding to school

The day came when I had to drive my kids to school. Bat that time it took us 15-20 minutes to get there. I found it sort of a cooling off period between “Where’s your_____? Did you ______? , etc.”  We could catch outr breath and talk if we wanted to. One time Sam was being a big grouch because the radio wasn’t working. He was driving. I subtly suggested he could sing, to which he just gave me a snarl. But within a few minutes, he and Luisa were singing! Some things can’t be helped!

Another time Luisa and I were doing background for this Mannheim Steamroller song. When I play this Christmas music is official. It is great morniong music. It always stuns me that I like this electronic stuff! Some errant gene, maybe! so for your listening pleasure, folks and for good cheer if you’ve got a gray day as we do.


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