All I want for Christmas

I asked Mary what she wants for Christmas today and she gave me her customary “I dunno” and I threatened her with givin her a puzzle if she doesn’t come up with something! :>) But sometimes when you re asked on the spot it’s hard to think of something and sometimes I do think of something when no one is asking. So here is the official post for ideas or suggestions and we might update it from time to time. Since this is really directed at my children here is a FOR MOM and a FOR DAD list. Well, at least it’s November.


1.there are some really cool amaryllis plantings on Jackson and Perkins web site. They are expensive, but you can come up with your own packaging and skip the postage

2. little spice jars from IKEA like I already have.

3. A nice framed picture of yourselves, or a collage.

4. A Christmas CD, not too swing-y and not too stuffy, I really like flute and guitar

5. Lotion, shampoo that I already use so in the hard days if winter I don’t have to worry whether I have money for my ‘name brands’

6. Gift card from Amazon /Sears


1. sports earphones for an MP3 player

2. small vase with colored sand patterns in it. Mom threw out the other one that was 20 years old (just kidding!!!)

2. again-Gift card from Amazon/or restaurant

3. Pictures of grandkids to ut on desk at work… no bellies!

4. Cool music like Jnet plays in her car

5. actually music, books, snack-healthy, will work


Until later…..


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